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 Scenes from The Mick Jagger Centre - 15 September 2007

Photographs by Lee Massey

DF at Sinden



20 September 2008

What's Going On?  Part Two

You may have noticed that things are looking a bit quiet in the diary again.  To be honest, we're up to something at the moment, but can't yet reveal exactly what.  As soon as everything is in place, we'll post details here.

In the meantime, Mick & Jon have been helping out west London band Ray and the Gunns, while they get their line up finalised.  Visit here for more about them.

06 September 2008

Weddings, Parties & Acton

Following our extremely well received show at Sutton - thanks to everyone who came - we played a couple of 'west London' shows at Hayes & Acton.  We good audiences at both, especially Acton, which was extra fun for Jon to do as he used to live there. 

In July, we performed at a birthday party for someone who is a big fan of Mark Knopfler's music.  People had travelled from Europe and the US to be there and with an audience that had so many Dire Straits devotees amongst it, we expected an enthusiastic crowd if we got it right, but a severely critical crowd if we got it wrong.  Fortunately we got a great response.

In August, Al & Rachel got married and their wedding guests were treated to a shortened Dire Fakes set.  Like the party the previous month, there seemed to be endless numbers of children running around with inflatable guitars, most of whom seemed very familiar with Dire Straits songs.  With all the dancing going on, it seems that everyone had a great time.  We certainly did.

17 April 2008

What's Going On?

You may have noticed that things are looking a bit quiet in the diary at present.  Having had Paul join us at short notice to play out our existing 2008 commitments, we quickly became aware that we could do some work behind the scenes to take Dire Fakes to the ‘next level’.  We felt that as a band we wanted to move ourselves forward in terms of the quality of our performances, as well as to expand and vary the setlist.  We have had to make some space in the calendar to do this. 

So we find ourselves back in Deptford again on a regular basis, breaking each song apart, examining the little sections that sometimes came out a bit ragged.  Analysing not just tempos, but ‘feel’ too, in our quest to get even closer to our favourite Dire Straits arrangements.  Making sure we’re playing the right notes helps too, of course!

The fruits of those labours are beginning to appear, so we may add a few earlier dates in the calendar if we feel the time is right.  Failing that, by July we will be on the road again, delivering a superior recreation of the Dire Straits live experience.  We hope to see you all there…   


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