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Southampton, Hampshire, 04 August 2012

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Dire Fakes

A group of talented and experienced musicians producing stunning authentic performances, Dire Fakes has been entertaining audiences in the UK and across Europe for the last ten years. Our philosophy right from the start has been to replicate as closely as possible the sound and feel of Dire Straits, wherever possible working with instruments commissioned from the same specialist makers chosen by Mark Knopfler and his virtuosic band. And in that same spirit, we have selected as the basis for our own shows superb live versions of the best-known Dire Straits hits. Often featuring extended or more complex arrangements, these fantastic performances are taken from famous dates, such as the legendary shows at Wembley in 1985. With all this, expect to be delighted and thrilled as Dire Fakes delivers the power and beauty of Dire Straits to you with astonishing accuracy and clarity – all the way from Tunnel of Love to Telegraph Road.

Photography by MassPix Ltd